Universe of Discourse
for Goal Seeking

Figure 13.3: Fuzzy Goal-seeking Membership Functions
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The fuzzy sets were overlapping symmetrical sets. Figure 13.3, illustrates the relationship of the fuzzy sets.

The fuzzy memberships for range and direction are describe by the following equations:

The rule base consists of a set of minimizing functions,

and the following two equations:

where the following substitutions are:

The importance of this last equation should be noted. Once the vehicle has closed to within a user determined range, the vehicle may move backwards to close on the target. This is useful if the vehicle over shoots the target. It will not be forced to turn around 180 degrees before it can correct the error in distance.

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This module is part of a robotics simulation that was demonstrated in a Master's Thesis entitled:

A Subsystem Approach to Developing a Behavior Based Hybrid Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicles

The thesis was defended by Stephen W. Soliday, Dec 1995, at the Department of Electrical Engineering at North Carolina A&T State University.