Welcome! This starts a new set of pages. I have just purchased a new telescope. Not a big one, but given the crummy seeing in my area, I went for portable over aperture. I set it up as a photography package.

This page will eventually contain links to software that I have written (all GPL'ed), links to other's software that I find useful, and of course links to all my pictures.
This page will host image processing software as well as routines for coordinate transform.

My interest lie with both observational astronomy and computational astrophysics.
As an example, the first piece of software that I completed converts an 8 bitpix FITS 3 color (3 layer) image into a single layer 16 bit gray scale.
(caveat: 0-765 gray values are really only about 9.6 bits of actual information)

My Canon EOS produces 3474x2314 raw sRGB images.

I use
dcraw -v -c -b 1.00 -H 0 image.cr2 | pnmtofits > image.fts

to generate the 3 color image.

Then I convert the 8 bit 3 layer images into 16 bit single layer using: cvtRGB2gray.c